Can you answer affirmatively the following questions? 

Do you have a Will?

     Some persons do not feel it is necessary to have a Will.  A situation recently came to our attention where a single lady was injured in the home of her boy friend.  As a result of the injuries, she died and he filed a probate proceeding claiming he was  her husband.  The estate and the "surviving spouse" received a large sum of money.  The heirs of decedent have not received any part of the sum paid to the estate.  Had she had a Will, these complications could have been avoided.

Do you have Powers of Attorney?

     There are two types: "Statutory Durable Power of Attorney" - for business matters and "Power of Attorney for Health Care".  It is important that you have these documents in hand should you become incapacitated by a stroke or accident  leaving you unable to care for yourself.

Do you have a Directive to Physicians?   

      Unless you direct otherwise, health care providers are obligated to keep you alive by every means at their disposal. 

Have you designated a Guardian for yourself or minor children?

     If you become incapacitated by a stroke or accident, the law allows you to designate the person to take care of you or your minor children in a guardianship proceeding.  The Court will normally allow that person to serve unless disqualified by law.